Впечатоци од Блогерските и твитер награди 2014

Три дена подоцна и се уште средуваме импресии. Втора година по ред сме дел од Твитер и Блогерските награди и можеме само да кажеме дека сме пресреќни што сме дел од оваа револуционерна, духовита, секси и влијателна заедница. Саботата беше прекрасна вечер. Иако температурите беа прилично ниски, бевме наоружани со позитивна енергија, супер расположение и […]

Badel 1862 with a cocktail party at the second marketing conference organized by “Kapital”

  As many of you know this week will be marked by the second marketing conference organized by “Kapital”. The conference theme is built on the keywords of the modern marketing age: creativity, courage and digitalization. The conference, which is aiming to be the biggest marketing conference in Macedonia, will feature many renowned professionals and […]

Badel Pelinkovac nominated for the best company on Twitter

Even from the very start of our Twitter page – @PelinkovacMK, the Macedonian Twitter community has been extremely welcoming for us. Just after several months of friendship with the charming Macedonian Twitter users, we have received a nomination for the best company on Twitter! The blogging and Twitter awards are organized by blogirame, a Macedonian […]