Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon

Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon

Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon is exceptionally dark, deep, almost black in color with a distinctive violet reflection. In its aromatic profile, it is characterized by an abundance of diversified aromas such as plum, blueberry, black currant and a discrete spicy note. The wine is full-bodied, harmonious, with superbly concentrated aromas and a slightly more pronounced freshness with plenty ripe tannins.
By the attentive long-lasting aging in oak, it is blended into a unique wine for special moments in life.


Vinitaly 2011, Верона
Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon2007 – Special edition

Decanter 2011, Лондон
Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 – Bronze

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