Badel 1862 successfully continues the tradition of its predecessors Pokorny, Patria and Arko – based on their knowledge brand originated more than 150 years ago. Badel Prima Brand is the most famous spirit drink of Badel 1862.

Badel Prima Brand is produced by blending high-quality wine distillates and selected top quality alcohol. Exactly that combination grants the crystal-clear golden brown color and unique and recognizable aroma and flavor.

The original recipe, long-time tradition and constant high quality resulted in consumer loyalty. The best proof for quality is the fact that old connoisseurs will always say they drink – “cognac”.

Available in:
  • 0.1l
  • 0,5l
  • 0,7l
  • 1l
Did you know:

In its beginnings Badel Prima Brand was sold only in the pharmacies, for it was named Brandy Medicinal.

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