Vodka Cocktail

Vigor Cocktail vodkas are fruit line vodkas, that is, a special liqueur based on vodka and with reduced alcohol strength (from 15% to 27% volume/alcohol). They are made for the new generations and for all people that want to be a part from the new culture, that like the taste and aroma of fruits with […]

Svarog Vodka

Svarog, vodka custom-made for gods. Raw life energy of golden fields captured between sky and earth, surrendering to its glowing lover, the sun, is captured in every single hand-picked corn and turned into best grain alcohol which is the basic ingredient for Svarog, the new BADEL 1862 premium vodka.

Vodka Prestige

Stock celebrates its return to Poland by launching a new pure vodka. After being absent for 70 years, Stock produces in Poland again, and to mark this event, we proudly present the new luxurious premium vodka – Stock Prestige. Distilled six times, additionally cold filtrated, Stock Prestige is a high quality vodka with an extremely […]

Vigor Classic New Taste

Vigor is the best selling Croatian vodka. Vigor Classic is the sub-brand for pure vodka. Vigor Classic vodka: crystal-clear in colour, pure and neutral in aroma as the result of careful filtration of finest grains and special softening processes. Vigor Classic is served straight, always well chilled, or as an ingredient for numerous popular cocktails […]