WBC Vigor

Women’s basketball team VIGOR SKOPJE is sport collective more than 30 years and persists success of female basketball scene. Founded in distant 1976th year under the name ZKK Vlae and in the end of 1981 act within Youth sports organization”Skopje” Skopje, where is developed into a well organized club, which over time is gaining more […]

Pelinkovac Education

Pelinkovac Education PELINKOVAC – THE SWEET TASTE OF BITTER HERBS The best from the herbal world – it’s the slogan of the oldest and the most famous Croatian herbal liqueur, Badel Pelinkovac. It is also the most sold type of liqueur in Republic of Croatia, and the top selling product in the group of liqueurs […]

Vigor Barmen Cup

All lovers of good fun, good weather and what goes with it – refreshing cocktails, had a chance to experience the weekend of 16th and 17. September in Gevgelija, during the final third Vigor bartender Cup. This year, the joint organization of Badel 1862 AD Skopje and Gevgelija Flamingo casino in one place are found […]