Кратка историја на Бадел 1862

150 години врвен квалитет Богатата историја на Badel 1862 е невозможно да се претстави во еден блог запис – секој период е преполн со интересни и возбудливи настани кои, повеќе од сигурно, ќе ви ги претставиме во иднина. Сепак, во овој запис ќе се обидеме да ви ги доловиме најбитните одредници на нашето долго минато, […]

WBC Vigor

Women’s basketball team VIGOR SKOPJE is sport collective more than 30 years and persists success of female basketball scene. Founded in distant 1976th year under the name ZKK Vlae and in the end of 1981 act within Youth sports organization”Skopje” Skopje, where is developed into a well organized club, which over time is gaining more […]


Badel 1862 AD Skopje’s quality policy aims at clients’ and business partners’ satisfaction. Desires and needs of the consumers are with direct influence for improving the quality of goods and services, their adjustment to all Macedonian regulative, as well as EU regulative, and the regulative of the countries we work with. Using certificated processes, trained […]

The Old Plum Brandy

Badel Hrvatska Stara Šljivovica is the most famous brandy produced by BADEL 1862. It is produced by distilling the native plum variety Bistrica, but a few secrets in fruit processing, preservation and aging methods make Badel Stara Šljivovica a unique drink ideal for any occasion. Badel Stara Šljivovica achieved a cult status comparable with the status […]

Pelinkovac Antique

Badel Antique is a premium version of Badel Pelinkovac, created for its and for Badel’s 145th anniversary. Badel Antique has a limited production, and each bottle has a serial number printed on the back label. It is a special “pelinkovac” filled with characteristics remembered by the old experts for home-made herbal liqueurs. The aroma and […]