The careful selection of the best ingredients, and a slow, very slow distillation resulted in the finest 100% wine distillate. Every drop of Merakliska – the natural vine brandy, goes its way to perfection through the 20-meter line in the clock tower of the wine cellar Imako Vino – enabling a premium taste for your […]

Vodka Cocktail

Vigor Cocktail vodkas are fruit line vodkas, that is, a special liqueur based on vodka and with reduced alcohol strength (from 15% to 27% volume/alcohol). They are made for the new generations and for all people that want to be a part from the new culture, that like the taste and aroma of fruits with […]


Badel William’s is a fruit Rakija produced from the world famous peer Williams and its aroma and flavour are preserved by a careful distillation process. Best served as aperitif, chilled, and in order to reveal all its aromatic and refreshing qualities we recommend to add a peer slice.

The Old Plum Brandy

Badel Hrvatska Stara Šljivovica is the most famous brandy produced by BADEL 1862. It is produced by distilling the native plum variety Bistrica, but a few secrets in fruit processing, preservation and aging methods make Badel Stara Šljivovica a unique drink ideal for any occasion. Badel Stara Šljivovica achieved a cult status comparable with the status […]

Stock Amaretto

Amaretto is an Italian almond liqueur with 28% alcohol. It has a rich almond taste and it is served pure, with ice-cubes or as an ingredient for tasteful cocktails. It is often used in coffee, cakes and ice-cream.

Triple Sec

Triple Sec (meaning “three times distilled”) is a strong, sweet and colorless liqueur with a taste of orange. It is made of pressed orange peal from Curacao, a Caribbean island. It is ideal for all seasons cocktails.


Limoncé is a typical italian style drink. When Stock Spirits Group first launched this drink in 1997., it marked a turning-point in lemon-based liqueur industry, turning it from local consumption into world-wide market. The innovative name, brand, package and consumer communication established a new standard in this segment. There is just one quality unchanged: the […]

Badel Cherry

Badel Cherry is a fruit liqueur produced from the autochthonous sour cherry Maraska. The fruit of this aromatic variety, characterised by its extraordinary quality, unites the very character of the Dalmatian soil and climate. Badel Cherry is the first drink we remember when we desire to taste the flavour of spring.


Mentol is yet another traditional liqueur, a must have ingredient for numerous cocktails. It draws its popularity from the popularity of cocktails and mixed drinks. The word liqueur originates from the Latin word liquifacere, translated „melt”, meaning the melting of substance thus achieving the rich liqueur flavour.