WBC Badel 1862 received an award from Municiplaity of Kisela Voda

We are exceptionally thrilled and happy to announce the amazing news: our Woman Basketball Club Badel 1862 has received a special award from the Municipality of Kisela Voda that recognizes the club’s continuous efforts to promote, support, and develop the sports activities in the community.

The Municipality marked its 63rd birthday with an official constitutive session of the Council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda. Numerous guests were invited to be part of the special event. The Director of Basko Trade 2014, Mr. Ljupco Pavlovski, was also among the guests, and he had the honor to receive the award from the Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Filip Temelkovski.

Mr. Ljupco Pavloski with Mayor Filip Temelkovski

The award for WBC Badel 1862 comes as an additional motivation for every member of the club to continue inspiring the youth to join and take part of this dynamic sport. Together, as a team, we can all contribute to a proper and right development of our youth, and successfully achieve numerous sports and personal goals.

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