Zoran Ristov is the best barman in Macedonia

Competing with 18 other barmen from all over the country, Zoran Ristov from Gevgelija has won the first place in the grand finale of Vigor Barman Cup 2013. The Barman Cup was part of the Strumica Open Festival and took place right after the waiters’ running contest.
Zoran thrilled the jury with his summer cocktail “Vigor Summer Refresh”. Among the members of the jury was Vedran Petrovic, the winner of the Croatian Barman Cup 2013.
Boris Petrovski took the second place with his cocktail “Green Fisalis” and Vanco Stojanov with his cocktail “Vigor: The Rinse of Badel” won the third place.
The crowded audience at the discotheque “Select” had the pleasure to try and enjoy the cocktails that were prepared by the competitors. The excitement was intensified by competitors’ acrobatic moves during the cocktail preparation. This was actually part of the Flair category, where the competitors were judged by the acrobatic skills they showed while preparing the cocktail. The best showman here was Boban Vasik who won the first place, Aleksandar Bosev won the second and Darko Lazovski won the third place.
The award for the most attractive cocktail was given to Metodi Perunkovski for his cocktail “7 from 5”. Stevo Trenov was awarded for best expert work for his cocktail “Vanilla Sky”.
This year marked the fifth annual Barman Cup. We are glad to see the cup evolving into an amazing annual tradition that aims to expand the cocktail culture in Macedonia.

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