Badel 1862 with a cocktail party at the second marketing conference organized by “Kapital”


As many of you know this week will be marked by the second marketing conference organized by “Kapital”. The conference theme is built on the keywords of the modern marketing age: creativity, courage and digitalization.

The conference, which is aiming to be the biggest marketing conference in Macedonia, will feature many renowned professionals and experts from the creative industry and the business sector as well. They will participate in discussion panels exchanging thoughts and experiences on the future of digital marketing, the power of the creative industry in Macedonia, the need for more courage while creating solutions. The panels and presentations will try to provoke the marketers and the companies to come up with better advertising solutions and more successful marketing strategies.

We believe that after carefully following the discussions and catching up with the big ideas and new trends, everyone could enjoy a nice relaxing and chit-chatting time. This year the conference will be followed by a cocktail party organized by Badel1862.

During the party all guests will enjoy delicious cocktails, prepared with the popular Vigor Vodka, Key Rum and Badel Pelinkovac.

The music selection is given in the hands of DJ Mile from Antenna 5 Radio Network, who is widely known for his best after work parties in Skopje, where people are truly relaxed by the music choice after the long and exhausting day at work.

The cocktail party will also bring many cool surprises for the guests, taking the conference to a whole new fun dimension. at the conference

Along with the cocktails for the party, we bring a second refreshment: Jovan Dimitrov from, the most vocal blogs aggregator in Macedonia, which quickly after the launch took the central position in the blogging and Twitter community.

We strongly believe that the future of marketing lies in the honest, more open and more personal communication between the brands and the online communities. We felt the conference wouldn’t be complete if representatives from Macedonian blogging and Twitter communities weren’t part of it, so we joined forces with for this event. We are sure that our online communities can take a great advantage of the ideas and experiences that will be shared on the conference and help the online marketing be more fun and more inspirational.

This is a first time that Badel 1862 and do something together and it is also an announcement that we will continue building stronger friendships with Macedonian blogging and Twitter communities.

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