Stock 84

Produced in Trieste, Italy, from cultivated Italian grapes, Stock 84 Brandy carries its tradition since 1884. Its unmistakable quality is a result of its harmonized aroma, taste and gold color, developed during the long maturation in oak barrels, where it gets its unique soft taste. The kind equalized taste is its mark for over 120 […]

Badel Prima Brand

Badel 1862 successfully continues the tradition of its predecessors Pokorny, Patria and Arko – based on their knowledge brand originated more than 150 years ago. Badel Prima Brand is the most famous spirit drink of BADEL 1862. Badel Prima Brand is produced by blending high quality wine distillates and selected top quality alcohol. Exactly that […]


Aut Cezar, Aut Nihil Cezar is a famous BADEL 1862 brand in the wine brandy category. Wine brandy is the Croatian term for a category respectively alcoholic beverage produced from 100% wine distillate. Due to its long-time presence on the market and especially on East European markets, Cezar became a synonym for Croatian wine brandy […]