Romer Kronung semi-dry sparkling wine is a real classic of Herres Group. In its 30 years old tradition it is worldwide recognized. It is produced from the finest wine selection in each vintage. Enjoy it chilled as an aperitif, or combined with light delicatessen.

Benedetto Vermouth

Aperitif. A liqueur made of wine, with various different herbal adding that intensifies the taste. It is known as aromated liqueur or as a special wine. The alcohol used in vermouth induces the taste of its ingredients. It is most famous as an ingredient of Martini cocktail.

Ouzo Magia

Ouzo Magia is the leading product of Spanos Bros distillery, located in Seres, northern Greece. Brand Magia is established in 1908.,and it is an original Mediterranean alcohol beverage, recognizable by its distinguished anason taste and sophisticated aroma. The special formula upon which ouzo Magia is produced has been owned by the Spanos family for three […]

Svarog Vodka

Svarog, vodka custom-made for gods. Raw life energy of golden fields captured between sky and earth, surrendering to its glowing lover, the sun, is captured in every single hand-picked corn and turned into best grain alcohol which is the basic ingredient for Svarog, the new BADEL 1862 premium vodka.

Vodka Prestige

Stock celebrates its return to Poland by launching a new pure vodka. After being absent for 70 years, Stock produces in Poland again, and to mark this event, we proudly present the new luxurious premium vodka – Stock Prestige. Distilled six times, additionally cold filtrated, Stock Prestige is a high quality vodka with an extremely […]

Vigor Classic New Taste

Vigor is the best selling Croatian vodka. Vigor Classic is the sub-brand for pure vodka. Vigor Classic vodka: crystal-clear in colour, pure and neutral in aroma as the result of careful filtration of finest grains and special softening processes. Vigor Classic is served straight, always well chilled, or as an ingredient for numerous popular cocktails […]

Sax Gin

Sax is the best selling Croatian gin brand. It is produced by blending top quality alcohol and distillate of juniper berry (Juniperus Comunis) and selected aromatic herbs macerate. Sax gin is characterized by its extraordinary clarity and colourlessness as well as the distinctive flavour of aromatic herbs and juniper berry. Sax is usually consumed as […]

Key Rum

Original white rum. The base of Key Rum Caribbean White is a distillate of sugar cane originating directly from the cradle of genuine rums – Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana. The distillate matures in special oak barrels for at least a year. It is ideal for preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks.

Badel Domaći

The ABC of cake making starts with Badel Domaći. Badel’s lady with a barrel became a traditional symbol of the most popular drink rich in flavours. It is used as an additive for authentic and original sweets and as a popular additive for tea. The unique taste, the seductive and distinctive scent made Badel domaći […]

Stock XO

Stock – The premier Italian brandy house founded in 1884, is now introducing a new extraordinary brandy. The iconic Stock 84 brandy is a top selling Italian brandy in many countries around the world, and loyal consumers have been asking for something a bit extra for the special moments in life. It might be for […]