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Women’s basketball team VIGOR SKOPJE is sport collective more than 30 years and persists success of female basketball scene. Founded in distant 1976th year under the name ZKK Vlae and in the end of 1981 act within Youth sports organization”Skopje” Skopje, where is developed into a well organized club, which over time is gaining more impressive results.

Since its establishment until today the club has an important role in development of the Macedonian women’s basketball and women’s sports in general, competing successfully in the first B basketball league in the former Yugoslavia, especially in the independent Republic of Macedonia, constantly topping the basketball league for women.

In its rich history, especially in the last seventeen years female basketball club VIGOR SKOPJE applies for a club which is an inexhaustible source of quality basketball and is one of the pillars of the Macedonian women’s basketball, which confirms the fact that his long persevering and hard work crowns by winning multiple championships in both senior and organized by the MBF(MKF). Confirmation of quality is the fact that most of the players from this team are all permanent members of representative selections, and that many of our former players with success today performing in renowned clubs outside of our country.

Achieved results with senior selection:

Won the championship for the seventh time (1998, 1999, 2000, 2007, 2009, 2011)
Won the Cup of R th. Macedonia for the ninth time (1993, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

After in 2009. year’s decision to play for both Cup R. Macedonia and youth selection ZKK VIGOR SKOPJE twice won it (2009th and 2010.)

As for the other junior teams, they in most cases won the championships, and in few cases when they are not winning , then at least they participate in the final play-off matches.

International championships

Along with performances in the state championship and participation in the Cup competitions, women’s basketball team VIGOR SKOPJE representing our country and internationally organized by FIBA or four times in the Cup Liliana Ronketi as well as many international tournaments and friendly matches , who achieved excellent results.

In 1999. Vigorki played the tournament at Milan Vasojevikj in Vrsac, and in October the same guest in Cyprus. Next year in the Greek city Tripolos in very strong competition which included more countries our team placed great second place. In 2005 youth crew ZKK VIGOR SKOPJE won the tournament in Volos. Greece, where it came up without a single defeat.

The crown of all international performance was a tour of the state Tennessee in the U.S. in November 2000. Vigorki played matches in Nashville, Chattanooga, Klerksvil other cities in Tennessee that showed good game and left a strong impression.

For all the setbacks, despite the club won numerous trophies and medals for the 50-years of MSD “SKOPJE” was recognized the most successful teams within the company, as well as the prestigious “13 November” in 1998. awarded by city Skopje.

For all these successes can be achieved, especially in emerging economic conditions, it is engaging in an ambitious financial sponsor who would support the program activities of the club.

For this purpose, seventeen years before agreement was signed long-term cooperation with Badel 1862 AD, as a result of the interest of her manager, and also the current president, Mr. Ljupco Pavlovski, who besides being a successful entrepreneur is also avid and expert on the basketball game. Sponsoring club fits in the tradition of its parent company, “Badel 1862” from Zagreb that also is traditional sports sponsor in Croatia.

The ambitions of the sponsor, and thus the president of the club Ljupco Pavlovski, to compete in more quality basketball league in the next period, for which the Board also has the full support and the General Secretary Todor Jovcheski that its multi-organizational experience will contribute to achieve these ambitious plans.

Composition of senior team

Vesna Domlevska
Nina Sekulovska
Zorica Ackovska
Bisera Stojanovska
Andriana Leskarovska
Arina Agich
Alexandra Stosanovska
Elena Radenkovic
Alexandra Ivanova
Angela Stefanovska
Simon Janevska
Coaching: Pero Stameski
Assistant: Frosina Remenska
President Ljupco Pawlowski
Gene. Secretary: Todor Jovcevski

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