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The best from the herbal world – it’s the slogan of the oldest and the most famous Croatian herbal liqueur, Badel Pelinkovac. It is also the most sold type of liqueur in Republic of Croatia, and the top selling product in the group of liqueurs of Badel 1862 AD Skopje.

Those who had the opportunity to taste this liqueur could also taste the mix of tradition, quality and innovation.

Badel’s Pelinkovac is a traditional drink which in year 1862 brought a worldwide glory for Badel’s founder Franjo Pokorny. With his original recipe based on the herb pelin (Artemisia Absinthium), he created an exclusive liqueur that acquired many awards and recognitions in very short period of time.

In 1867. in Paris it was awarded with gold for it’s quality. The success continued in 1873. with awards in London and Vienna, and the golden medal in Hungary.

Besides all significant European capital cities, Franjo Pokorny was also a supplier to the royal castle of Napoleon III. Since 1910. his factory was proudly named “royal castle supplier”, a name given from the Austrian – Hungarian monarchy.

Thanks to pelin – a century known healing herb which purifies blood and helps with digestion problems, as well as the proven quality, today’s Badel Pelinkovac is a leader in the bitter liqueurs market.

Pelinkovac packaging kept developing and changing through decades. Badel Pelinkovac obtained its current form in 1997., which is developed from its original bottle shape with respect to the rich historical inheritance of the company.

Even today Badel Pelinkovac is produced with a traditional method of maceracy (a technological procedure of extraction of the components of aromatic herbs or fruits into distillate or ethyl alcohol on room temperature) in which the selected herbs with pelin, are put in the basic liquid. After few weeks the herbs transform their most precious qualities into the specific taste and aroma of Badel Pelinkovac. Traditional copper kettles are used. The original recepy and the traditional natural method is what distinguishes Badel Pelinkovac from the rest of bitter liqueurs.

The history of Badel Pelinkovac was presented in two-days education in Skopje and Bitola, with the possibility to taste Pelinkovac served in numerous of ways.

A real tasting surprise was the presentation and tasting of Badel Pelinkovac Antique, which is a premium version of this liqueur that has a limited production and a unique serial number of each bottle. Its smooth looks and taste left no indifference among guests.

Badel Pelinkovac’ strong aroma makes it easily enjoyable as aperitif or digestive, chilled or with ice-cubes, pure or with a slice of lemon or fresh orange juice, for relaxation in every part of the day and for every occasion.

Enjoy its dark color, sensual aroma and seducing taste.

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