Following high standards and implementing of the HACCP system is a basic measure of our daily business. It is maintained with DET NORSKE VERITAS ADRIATICA 1864 D.O.O. Zagreb certificate.

Cert. No. 74511 – 2011 – HACCP – HRV – DNV,

complied with CAC/RCP 1 – 1969, REV.4 (2003) code

This year is the 12th year since the Quality Management System has been implemented, with the first certificate system ISO – 9001. Our responsibility in doing business is confirmed through our orientation towards securing the consumers’ safety and health parameters of the product. Through the implementation of the HACCP concept and continuous surveillance of the quality parameters in our laboratories, regarding the defined requirements, specifications, legal regulations and acts, as well as applying of self-regulation in the production process, we achieve standardization of terms for Integrated Management System.

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